Sound Healing Chair

What to expect

​During your sessions you will typically feel extremely relaxed, entering a deep meditative state. After the session, you will feel more present, experience fewer fear-based emotions, rely on your coping strategies less, be more accepting and have more trust, and in short, you will be happier. Combining these effects with the coaching or mentoring associated with the course material greatly enhances the process.​

What happens at a session?

There is nothing for you to do but lie down. You will come in, take off your shoes, and get comfortable in the chair. You will simply relax and – between the music and the hands-on healing – all the stress  you hold on to will release, creating room for natural healing to take place. The music will start and Michael Singer or Naomi Maia Romulo (both graduates of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing) will be working on you to help release any stuck energy, helping you relax and supporting your deeply relaxed state. 

Why would I want to try the chair?

The Sound Healing Chair calms down the nervous system, allowing you to "get out of your head," which allows the natural process of healing to occur. It is like an hour-long meditation, except you won't be wondering if you are "doing it right" or struggling to keep your mind from wandering. 

Can I just come in and use the chair – or is there talking involved?

You are welcome to come in just for a healing session in the chair, but we do offer an hour-long counseling session beforehand if you would like to help set your intentions for the desired outcome of your session with the chair. 

"I wasn't sure what to expect. Struggling with a months long "funk," I decided to try the Healing Chair. The first session was very relaxing, and the time flew by. I then went about my normal day and didn't think about it much. By the end of the day, I realized I had SO much more energy than usual and my mood was hugely improved. I can't wait for my next session!"