Sound Healing Chair

The Sound Healing Chair shifts you into a profoundly relaxed state through sound, vibration, and magnetic fields. The level of relaxation is much like what practitioners of meditation strive to achieve through years of practice. While in this state of supported relaxation, you learn to become more aware of what it feels like when your body in a deeply relaxed state. With repeated sessions you consciously learn what your body feels like when it is in this healing and powerful state of deep relaxation, so you can recreate it at will whenever you wish. This profound level of relaxation dramatically reduces or eliminates stress and allows you to feel good.

Follow the links below to learn more about the BodySound technological research – started 17 years ago by a team of 40 healthcare professionals, including doctors, neurologists, therapists, nurses, healers and life coaches – that has culminated in the Sound Healing Chair.


Magnetic Fields


Benefits of Profound Relaxation

How does it work?